Wednesday, January 7, 2015

SBS Copic Marker Color Combo Flash Cards

SBS Color combo flash cards

I thought it would be awesome to create a favorite color combos booklet, or recipe box. so I went to Betty with the idea of starting something like that for 2015 and she loved the idea..
So she designed the Flash cards and inserted her image in and got it all set to go.
Today we are starting our SBS Color combos flash cards program! Copic Markers
These are absolutely free from us to you!! 

Please feel free to pin these with the watermark, download and print them, make your little booklets or recipe boxes!  They are yours from Betty and myself and we hope you will enjoy them!
I printed mine at 7" wide and let the height go to what it needed.. you can print yours at whatever size you want.. 
We will be doing 4 of these a month, so come back next week for the next set!
  Betty knew that some of you may not want watermarked versions and maybe even your own blank flash cards to make up your own color combos and put into little booklets or recipe boxes... so Betty did up a few options for you all wanting a bit more...