Sunday, December 30, 2012

Irene's Birthday Blog Hop

Today is a VERY SPECIAL Day! It is my TWIN SISTER'S Birthday! YES we have Different Birthday's! 5 minutes Before midnight and 5 minutes After midnight...
So I have made this very special card for her using her Headshot that Betty made..

"Twin Sisters"
Twins we are, it's plain to see. 
I'm just like you, your just like me. 
Two Grown together from the start 
Beneath our Mother's Loving heart.

Though we may walk our seperate paths, 
You'll always be my other half.
Lord, Thank you from both of us because
We were born with our BEST FRIENDS.

I love you Rene
Happy Birthday to you!!!
I do hope you are feeling better and we will Celebrate our Birthday's this coming weekend!!! 
HUGE Hugs from Cyber Space till you are all better and I can do it in person!

Start the Hop at  Simply Betty's Blog so you don't miss out on anything...

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Simply Challenged Challenges

Okay here is the new Challenge for Simply Challenged Challenges, come on, join in and have some fun! 
The Challenge for this time will be colors. 
Traditional Christmas colors: Red / Green / Silver / Gold

N9, 7, 5, 3
YG01, 25, 67
E21, 11, 00, BV20
E31, 33, 35

 Go Check out the rest of the DT's creations of inspiration for you!

 Corinne ( ME )





Sunday, December 16, 2012

Simply Betty Free Image for cards for the Sandy Hook Elementray School

If you would like to make a card to send to the Sandy Hook Elementary School Simply Betty has made an AMAZING image with 2 sentiments you can get for free here at
We would LOVE to see the cards you make....
this is what I made with this beautiful touching image...I hope you like them


Please send you card to:

Sandy Hook Elementary School
12 Dickenson Drive
Sandy Hook, CT 06482, USA

Friday, December 14, 2012

Heartbreaking Day

I had to stop and take the time to publicly say that I am so so saddened by the tragedy in Newtown Conn. today. I can't even begin to image the families grief. I have a 4 year old Granddaughter and a 2 1/2 year old grandson that mean the world to me and I have sat and looked at their pictures all day thinking how could anyone hurt a baby...I am just heart broken. I also want to say that I am so saddened that we had teachers, office workers, school staff killed in this tragedy.
Please stop and say a prayer for each and every parent, Grandparent, brother, sister, Aunt, Uncle, Teacher, Police Officer, Paramedic, first responder of any kind. Pray for the ones that are having to investigate this horrible tragedy.
I am so sorry for your loss, my prayers are with you all.
Angels Among Us! 

Steampunk Collecction 4

New Steampunk Release and you are just going to  LOVE these images!!!!  

First we have
 Last Rose of Summer

Then with all of the images I made up a calendar, of course since there are only 6 images in this release I had to go through all the the different Steampunk collections and pick out some more of my FAVORITES and add in for my last 6 calendar pages... :)

 Death and the Maiden

The Family In Dunwich

All Hallow's Read  

 Lor and Nor Twins

  Dance With Death

 Last Rose of Summer

I hope you have LOVED these images as much as I do and all of these Steampunks can be bought at 


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Simply Challenged Challenges, Create Movement

Create Movement Challenge
that is what we are doing for this Challenge..
pick an SBS image and lets see some movement..

E 30, 31, 33, 35
E00,11,21,51,53 BV20

Each time you go backward an image, leave out one color so you get lighter and lighter and lighter as you fade away!!! Bring your image into word or whatever program you use and add it several times... you will need to have a png image, If you are using WORD, right click it and tell it wrap text / then square and that will allow you to move it around on the page.. you will have to do this with each image as you bring it in... move it around and line it up as you like you may need to tell it bring it forward or backward depending on what you are doing!

The Wonderful Ruby Montes has joined us for this Challenge and has put up a tutorial on her blog so make sure you go check her out and the rest of the DT and leave them some love!

 Simply Challenged Challenges

Friday, November 30, 2012

Secret Santa Blog Hop

 You should have arrived here from Rio's Blog
Well it is now time for our Secret Reveal of who our Secret Santa was......
Drum roll please.......:
Mine was the Amazing Marie
Marie is a very good Friend of mine, she used to live here, we worked together at a local Scrapbook store for a while and her husband got transferred.. :( and we really miss her... 
I opened my box and was still at a loss for who it was UNTIL..... there it was ....... Marie's trademark! 
The Penguin!!! Marie LOVES Penguins!!   
then I undid all the wrapping and OMG..... it is just AMAZING all the stuff inside! 

 Paper packs
 more embellishments
 OMG, look at these EARRINGS!!! I have been wearing them A LOT Marie!!!
 and here it is.... my weakness CARMEL!!!! OMG I had NEVER had these before, so I carefully unwrapped one.... should have NEVER DONE THAT!!! Now Marie needs to do push ups for me to help me get it all back off but they were TOTALLY WORTH EVERY POUND!!! 
 And then this AMAZING Card! Isn't it just BEAUTIFUL!!! 
oh this picture does NOT do it justice! 
Again Marie.... Thank you so much! 
Now off to see what Trish got from her Secret Santa...

Betty Roberts, Vanessa Bland, BreAnn McFarland
Rio Judy Ford
Corinne Jones
Trish Sakulich
Sheri Loatwall
Louise Mann
Kelly Millett
Trudie Howard
Anita Blake
Anda Nicolson
Robin Bogle
Ginger Paige
 Rachel Mutchler
 Lisa Nelson
 Emily Candy
 Erin Fairclough
 Aeryn Kelly-Reitmeyer
 Marie Franklin
 Kathy Gillon
 Stacey Stratis
 Katrina Benton

Preview Day 6, Burlesque

Hey no fair peeking... get back up here and READ first, then you can peek! :)
okay did you come from SBS blog?  okay good, if not go back so you start from the beginning..

oh be PATIENT!!!!! :) It will still be there! 
Yes I know they only gets BETTER!! Okay, Okay! 
Here is the first one ...make sure you get all the way to the bottom as I have a surprise for you...

Betty Pearls!!!!

My Theme for Betty Pearls is: Black / Cream / Red

R46 - pearls
E00, 21, 51, 53, BV20 = Flesh
E40, 41, 43 = feathers
N1,3,5,7,9 = hair

and Last but Definitely not Least
done up in Halloween Theme...


V01,04,06,09 = outfit
R08, YR04,07,09 = outfit
N01,03,05,07, 09 = chair / hat
YG01,25,67 = hair / eyes

 Betty did an AWESOME Stage Background!!!
and just look at what you CAN do with it...

What's the Surprise? RELEASE DAY!!!!! Simply Betty Stamps  store has to go down for maintenance so..... you get to grab these a day EARLY!!!
Make sure you check out the rest of the DT, and leave them some love....
Now RUN on over to SBS to get yours.. They are all available in Digi form for a week!  In Rubber indefinitely and all in stock now!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Preview Day 5, Burlesque

Well did you arrive from Simply Betty's Blog? I hope so if not hurry back there so you can start from the beginning....
My Theme for today is: 

New Year's!!! 

Soooooo here is

Betty Feathers

E00,11,21,51, 53, BV20 = flesh
E 49, 47,44,42 = hair
Y21,23,26,28 = feathers

Hurry on over to see what all creations the DT has come up with for you to see!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Preview Day 4, Burlesque

Okay today is Preview day 4 and you should have come here from Simply Betty's Blog, 
if not then hurry back there so you don't miss a thing...
Today's newest image is............

Betty Love Song
 I just KNEW I had to turn her into a shadowbox card...
Christmas Theme...

 YG01,25,67 = dress
E00, 11, 21,BV20 = flesh
E30,31,35 = hair

Well I hope you Love her as much as I did, I had so much fun making this... Instructions for this card are on my blog..
Off you go to Celina's
Make sure you go to all the DT's as they did Amazing things for you to see.

 SBS Blog

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Preview Day 3, Burlesque

you should have come from Simply Betty Blog
Another Super Addition to this Awesome Collection...

Betty Hand Bottom

OMG are these images Fantastic or what? 
Head on off to Celina and the rest of the DT and leave them all some love.. they have all really worked hard to make this a really FANTASTIC Preview for you..
Don't forget to be here tomorrow, same time....

SBS Blog

11/27 Preview Day 3 Betty Hand Bottoms

Monday, November 26, 2012

Preview Day 2, Burlesque

Welcome back to Day 2... again you should have come from Simply Betty Blog, so if not then run back there to see what all you missed out on..
Today's Preview is one of my very FAVORITE'S!!!! 

Betty Kick Up Your Heels
ohhhh lala! 


Black/ Cream / Red

We have lots of different theme's in our Preview so you can see these done 
in LOTS of different ways..
Off you go to the rest of the DT starting with Celina 
and leave them all some love along your way! 
Don't forget to come back TOMORROW for the next Preview!!

SBS Blog

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Preview Day 1, Burlesque

You ready? this is an AWESOME new Line and I know you are going to LOVE it.. you should have come here from Simply Betty Blog, if not go back so you don't miss out on a thing..
Here is the first Burlesque
Betty Bad Girl
done up for the 4th of July! 

Now go check out the rest of the DT and don't forget to stop back tomorrow for our next Preview..
off you go to Celina's blog

SBS Blog

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thanksgiving Challenge, Simply Challenged Challenges

Ready for a new Challenge? Well come join in with us at Simply Challenged Challenges
Thanksgiving centerpiece or place setting.. 
you must use a Simply Betty image to win a prize.  
Here is what I came up with
I used Lily Pie 
I thought she would be just PERFECT for Thanksgiving...

 Found this fantastic vase, filled it up with pine cones, berries, a few leaves, a few nuts..
Then colored up Lily pie, got out this Awesome fall lace a very dear friend sent to me and wahla..
go check out what the rest of the DT has done up for you to see and then come join in the challenge with us..

Simply Challenged Challenges
Corinne ( Me )

Sunday, November 18, 2012


We have had a death in our family, I do so hate sad times... Ronnie's Uncle Leland so I needed to get some Sympathy cards made up.. One for Ronnie's Mom as it was her brother that has passed away, one for Ronnie's Grandma.. her first born child and her first to pass away. And of course one for his wife & this is what I have come up with... 
What would I do with Simply Betty Stamps to give me the perfect image to use for these. 

I did Lavinia up in 2 versions, the other one has black hair..
I hope you like them

Friday, November 16, 2012

Collection 3 Steampunks

Are you ready for some new AWESOME Steampunks? You should have come here from
 Simply Betty's Blog if you didn't please go there and start from the beginning so you don't miss out on anything....Well here is Collection 3 and they are way beyond amazing to color! 

First is the Lovely Annabell Lee! 
For this one I made the background to be part sky part shrubbery and all of the ground to be different shades of grass. 

 Annabell Lee
This is Annabell Lee again, this time I colored it so that all of it behind her is different shades of clouds / storms rolling in.
These images can litterally be colored as to what YOU see in YOUR head. there is NO RIGHT OR WRONG...

 Drinking with Skeletons
Isn't this image just AMAZING? Oh how I love doing all of this line of Steampunks...

 In My World
I take this to be LITERALLY "IN MY WORLD" what I see as I color it.. when you get this image you don't seem to see all the hidden images but as you add more and more color they just start popping out and it is AMAZING To see this all come together....

This one is printed slightly larger to go in my "STEAMPUNKS" book..
One day maybe I will show that book...:)

Now this one hold a soft spot for me... I LOVE the way you can see both of them but only one of them is REALLY there... look in the AWESOME!

Done again in Brighter colors for my Steampunk book! 

Mistress Mary
isn't this is so cool... Love the shape too...

 Story Telling
OMG, was this FUN to color... picking out the colors of EVERYTHING, from walls to all the different clothes... you HAVE to give this a try...

Voodoo Child
I know, I know you are tired of hearing me say how GREAT these are but I LOVED coloring her.. so sad but gentle, spooky / creepy but Perfect...

okay that is all of them, PLEASE make sure to go check out what all the rest of the DT and Guest's have colored up because they are ALL AMAZING!!! and then go grab yours at SBS

SBS Blog