Friday, November 16, 2012

Collection 3 Steampunks

Are you ready for some new AWESOME Steampunks? You should have come here from
 Simply Betty's Blog if you didn't please go there and start from the beginning so you don't miss out on anything....Well here is Collection 3 and they are way beyond amazing to color! 

First is the Lovely Annabell Lee! 
For this one I made the background to be part sky part shrubbery and all of the ground to be different shades of grass. 

 Annabell Lee
This is Annabell Lee again, this time I colored it so that all of it behind her is different shades of clouds / storms rolling in.
These images can litterally be colored as to what YOU see in YOUR head. there is NO RIGHT OR WRONG...

 Drinking with Skeletons
Isn't this image just AMAZING? Oh how I love doing all of this line of Steampunks...

 In My World
I take this to be LITERALLY "IN MY WORLD" what I see as I color it.. when you get this image you don't seem to see all the hidden images but as you add more and more color they just start popping out and it is AMAZING To see this all come together....

This one is printed slightly larger to go in my "STEAMPUNKS" book..
One day maybe I will show that book...:)

Now this one hold a soft spot for me... I LOVE the way you can see both of them but only one of them is REALLY there... look in the AWESOME!

Done again in Brighter colors for my Steampunk book! 

Mistress Mary
isn't this is so cool... Love the shape too...

 Story Telling
OMG, was this FUN to color... picking out the colors of EVERYTHING, from walls to all the different clothes... you HAVE to give this a try...

Voodoo Child
I know, I know you are tired of hearing me say how GREAT these are but I LOVED coloring her.. so sad but gentle, spooky / creepy but Perfect...

okay that is all of them, PLEASE make sure to go check out what all the rest of the DT and Guest's have colored up because they are ALL AMAZING!!! and then go grab yours at SBS

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