Betty's Birthday Blog Hop

Come and Celebrate Betty's special day with us.
No today is not Betty's Birthday it is on the 10th but shhhhhh I didn't tell you that! We are doing her Blog Hop today so she will be SURPRISED!!!
Check out Olivia and BreAnn's  and Amanda's cards
This card is Olivia's card for Betty... 
 and this one is BreAnn's birthday card for Betty
Here is Amanda Arnold's card 
Are those just fantastic or what! Beautiful cards ladies!!! 
Now here is my card.. This is what I came up with for my dear friend Betty...  Betty I hope you like it! Hugs 
I decided to make a Shadowbox card for Betty and use Betty Addams & Christian Addams
and Merge them together
Couldn't have it to Birthday like.. it is Betty you know! LOL
The image in the background is "The House of Usher" from the Evermore Collection..

OF course I just HAD to separate "THING" and he had to be on his own! LOL

 For the tutorial on this scroll down below the hop list.. that way I don't slow down the hop! 
 ( ME ) Corinne
you will need to pick your circle cutter, I am using a Grand Nestabilities, you will have your paper folded in half with the top edge hanging off the paper edge.

When you open it up it will look like this. 

 fold the top half down to the center and fold like this..

It will stand up like so. Eventually you will attach the Shadowbox onto the half folded when you get to the bottom of the tutorial come back up here and attach the shadow box to the folded down part of this picture. put your adhesive on the lower half and put your shadow box lined up well right onto it ..

 you will need one more solid circle cut the size of your original circle.
you will now take the next size smaller circle and place inside of the larger one and cut out your circle frame like this
 this is what you will turn into the shadowbox

this frame needs to have the CENTER circle the same size but the outside needs to be one larger then your original one so it will hang OFF the shadowbox. 

 Now you need 3 strips of paper 1" by 12"

 you will take your scorer and score in 1/4" on both side of each strip. Look really close you can see the score marks.
 now you are going to fold the score marks in..
 once you have them folded in cut along that folded up edge about every 1/4" it doesn't need to be exact.
 like this.

 this is what it will end up looking like.
 now you are going to take your normal circle frame and your glue gun and put down a little at a time and bend the long strip around the outside of the circle like so. you will have to use your second strip to finish it off, just glue it to the other one and keep going. Make sure your edge of your strip stays along the outside edge of the circle frame.
 now you are going to take your third strip and bend it the opposite direction so they face each other and do the same on the center like so, add in your left over second strip to finish it off.

 see how the cut edges  FACE each other?
 now you are going to take your solid circle and put your image in or on it whatever you are wanting to do with your project. like I have done in the picture below.
 center it well...
 turn your circle frame upside down onto your solid circle and you are going to use your glue gun and glue up underneath to attach it to the base with your picture on it.

I then took my ribbon and attached it along the edge

looks like this now. 

 This is the LARGER circle frame I have cut a piece of patterned paper the same size to go over it, having 2 layers just gives more stability. 

now all you have to do is attach this to the base of your card, remember that you are only attaching to HALF of the card, the part that is folded in half and only to the lower half, then all you have to do is DECORATE however you want. 
Once you have done this once it won't seem hard at all.. I PROMISE!!!
Hope you give it a try then make sure to post your project and let me see what you have made..
have any questions about it just holler at me, they are really very easy to make!! 



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