Friday, November 30, 2012

Preview Day 6, Burlesque

Hey no fair peeking... get back up here and READ first, then you can peek! :)
okay did you come from SBS blog?  okay good, if not go back so you start from the beginning..

oh be PATIENT!!!!! :) It will still be there! 
Yes I know they only gets BETTER!! Okay, Okay! 
Here is the first one ...make sure you get all the way to the bottom as I have a surprise for you...

Betty Pearls!!!!

My Theme for Betty Pearls is: Black / Cream / Red

R46 - pearls
E00, 21, 51, 53, BV20 = Flesh
E40, 41, 43 = feathers
N1,3,5,7,9 = hair

and Last but Definitely not Least
done up in Halloween Theme...


V01,04,06,09 = outfit
R08, YR04,07,09 = outfit
N01,03,05,07, 09 = chair / hat
YG01,25,67 = hair / eyes

 Betty did an AWESOME Stage Background!!!
and just look at what you CAN do with it...

What's the Surprise? RELEASE DAY!!!!! Simply Betty Stamps  store has to go down for maintenance so..... you get to grab these a day EARLY!!!
Make sure you check out the rest of the DT, and leave them some love....
Now RUN on over to SBS to get yours.. They are all available in Digi form for a week!  In Rubber indefinitely and all in stock now!