Saturday, February 14, 2015

SBS Valentine's Day Swap

We do all these fun awesome swap on the SBS fan page.. 
Well this time Betty organized a Valentine's Day Swap and
Christine is my partner!!

this is the AWESOME package I received from her...

Look at all these awesome paper pads..
 and MORE!!!
and ribbon and twine..
 and WOW just LOOK at this awesome card...
I put my name watermark across it to keep it safe on line... 
Betty drew up this AMAZING Mermaid image for all of us to use for our cards... 

Thank you SO MUCH Christine... 
Hugs my friend
Please go check out what everyone else received in there box.. 

Hop List

Betty Roberts

Corinne Jones

Iva Youngs

Rj Avery

Sharon Lewis

Susan Renshaw

Christine Garner

Sheri Loatwall
Rachel Gillham

Robin Bogle   
Tina Keller

Maureen Scott

Amanda Phillips

Michelle Vata

Rio Ford
Anita Blake