Monday, June 8, 2015

Re filling Copic Markers

 Okay so start with a simple scale and make sure it is 0

 a FULL Copic Marker with caps is 14.6 grams

Take the chisel
end out and lay flat on scale and let is register,
 if it is less, you need to add refill fluid to it.

A full marker without caps and a chisel nib will weigh about 9.3 grams.

8grams is VERY empty.. refill
Just drop your drops into the chisel end of your marker.. if you are VERY empty start with about 30 drops and weigh again.. 
you want it to be right about 9.3grams. without caps on..

Caio Markers
10.6g with caps and 7.6g without the caps on 

once you have all refilled, take a cotton scab and alcohol and clean outside of markers. 
use a q-tip for cleaning out caps with alcohol. 
Keeping your markers clean is very important for your markers...
don't use alcohol on your actual nibs, for those use Blender solution.. 
Hope this helps..