Betty Bad Girl, Burlesque line from Simply Betty Stamps
Coloring WAVES

start with your darkest color and pick in between bends, now you are going to work towards each other E29
 now to the top and bottom add your next lightest color, making sure you are FLICKING not having it straight across. E27
 next lightest color, make sure those points are there... no straight lines!!!!! E25
 next color....E23
 now I have one more in E21, you don't HAVE to use this last color... you can LEAVE IT white for a more pronounced affect or.....add in the E21 to fill it in just a bit more.. totally up to you!
 Now go to the next section and repeat the same steps.. darkest to lightest.. this is a small area so make sure to keep your FLICKING under control and not go to far out..
 next color in, make sure you are FLICKING!!!!
 that section completed!!
 go to the bottom of the strand and work your way up!
 next lightest color....
 ah, two strands COMPLETE! now keep working your way around here head the exact same way! Ladies "PRACTICE", PRACTICE, PRACTICE!!! don't get aggravated... When I started out I threw TONS of paper away, remember, IT IS ONLY PAPER!!!
Here she is completed.. make sure you do her FLESH FIRST as you don't want the flesh color to grab the hair colors!! Hope this helps! HUGS!!