Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Teen Scene Halloween Preview Day 3

Time for our next release and they are : Jude Mummified & Banshee and They are just AMAZING Images.... 
You should have come here from Celina's Blog, if you didn't please go back to Simply Betty's Blog to start from the beginning....

As I did all of my images in LAYOUTS I have had to wait to put some of mine on here! LOL couldn't show any of them EARLY! teehee
So now you get to see my Batty Jude & Bwains Christian too! 

Above is Batty Jude and Banshee 

 Batty Jude is 
E47,08,09, YR14 = hair
N02,04,06,08 = costume
R08,YR04,07,09 = pumpkin
E000,00,01,11 BV20 = flesh

Banshee is
B000,00,01,02 = flesh
E47,08,09,YR14 = hair
N01,03,04 = dress

Got this adorable little charm from my tumbler buddy

 the spider is a spellbinder dies cut, the Halloween is a Sticker

 Jude Mummified, Bwains Christian

Bwains Christian
E08,09,YR 14= shirt
R08,YR04,07,09 - bag
B00,01,02 = pants
E29,27, 25, 23, 21 = hair

Jude Mummified
E41,42, 44 = mummy wrapping
YR01,25, 67 = hair
E000,00,01,11, BV20 = flesh

Check out the rest of the DT and Simply Betty Stamps and come back tomorrow for the next preview of this AWESOME SET!!!

Corinne ( ME )