Sunday, August 19, 2012

Tumbler Buddy 2 Blog Hop

This is our Simply Betty Tumbler Buddy 2 Blog Hop you should have come here from SBS   
if you didn't go back there so you can start from the beginning... I had another AMAZING Tumbler Buddy.... DAWN! 

OMG what WONDERFUL things she sent me... Go take a look! 

 OMG, I can't wait to fill this book! It is just AMAZING!!!!

AWESOME Ribbons!!

 Look at all this, oh am I gonna have fun with all this!

more toys!! :-)

 Look at these AWESOME SOCKS!!! Sorry I couldn't find any Halloween ones around here yet Dawn!

WOW, look at this AMAZING CARD!!!

 Here is my Stash all together!

Dawn, I can't even begin to thank you for everything, I just LOVE all of it and I have a new friend to top it all off! Hugs my Friend!

Now go check out Leslie 

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