Friday, October 5, 2012

Secret Release Preview...

you should have come here from Simply Betty's Blog, if you didn't go back there so you don't miss out on ANYTHING...Well Betty had a Secret Release...shhhhhh.... and we are going to Preview them for you..ONE today, One Monday, One Tuesday, One Wednesday, One Thursday and have a HUGE BLOG Hop on Friday when they come out for sale as Rubber Stamps!!! 
So are you ready to see the first one? ? ? ? ? 
Okay, okay calm down here it comes!!

 Little Betty Munster Lady

Is she FANTASTIC Or what!!!
well you better be back here on MONDAY to see the next one... Trust me you DON'T want to miss these!!
E000,00,01,11, BV20 = flesh
V12, 15, 17, N5 = outfit / lips = V12, 15
N3, 5, 7, 9 = belt / hair
Now off to Irene's Blog to see what awesomeness she has created