Saturday, August 24, 2013

Bra HaHa

There is an Auction for Breast Cancer each year to raise money for people who do not have insurance or the money to pay for Breast Cancer screenings.. they asked for people to volunteer to make up a bra that will be auctioned off...
Here is my entry...

front view

 side view

 top view

back strap.

I went and bought a bra, had to be a certain size... then started figuring out what I was going to do.. My thoughts changed several times till I woke up in the middle of the night with it just in my head what I wanted it to end up looking like.. so the work then began... I had this fabric at home it is a black interfacing. The entire Bra had to be covered up, so the work began.. I used the fabric glue to get it sorta stuck then sewed all edges just to make sure... I used Aluminum Tape on cardstock for the silver.. used my Gear Dies to cut out each and every gear, yes that took me a while.. had to go get some Aileen's fabric glue..
Used my Cropidile to punch the holes then put in eyelets...
those are brads on the back for accents.. 
Oh and I want to give a very special Thank you to Lisa Nelson for her helping hands.. holding things, listening to me go back and forth changing my mind till I came up with what I wanted... Some of this was just impossible without 4 hands...
So THANK YOU LISA for your Assistance... :)

Hope you like it