Sunday, September 15, 2013

Summerween Swap

We have had another swap at the SBS Fanpage...
these are so fun and if you are not part of the fan page you don't know what all you are missing out on...

My Partner this time is Sheri Scraps

Okay so I opened my box to find out that Sheri can't get her other stuff done because she is to busy thinking that she is funny cutting out MASSES of leaves AND INKING them to put in my box...
 Once I FINALLY get through ALL THE LEAVES...

 this beautiful box is inside... lets open it
 and this AWESOME Joy Die that I have been wanting so bad!!!!
Okay Sheri ... NOW you are forgiven for all the leaves.... I have already used this die about 5 times... LOVE IT and OMG, thank you so much!!!

 hmmm, what else...


 So Awesome, love 6X6 paper pads

 OMG, these flowers are so FANTASTIC and I have already used them...


 Love these...

 OMG, isn't this AWESOME!!!!
As you zip and unzip it it looks like it is BITING YOU!!!

Sheri, you are a sweetheart and a very dear friend!! 
Thank you again..
Next week I will DENY IT!!! :)

Now go see what everyone else in the swap got from their partner.. 

Betty Roberts
Terry Henlin on SBS Blog

Corinne Jones

Maggie Schoener

Anita Blake

Trish thedish Sakulich

Sheri Loatwall (aka Sheri Scraps)

Heather Whitlock

Terry Helin

Dianna Sowerbrower

Melissa Varga

Summer Hills Painter

Jackie Maunder

Tanja Charles 

Elisabete Balcavage