Friday, July 27, 2012

Tumbler Buddy Exchange #1

 Oh This Tumbler Buddy exchange has been a Blast, I have had so much fun and it is always so exciting to make new friends..
You should have come here from Simply Betty's Blog
 If you didn't then please go to there so you can start at the beginning and see all the fun we have with Simply Betty!
was my Tumbler Buddy and she is just AMAZING! WOW is all I can say!

 this is what I found inside my box!

WOW oh WOW!!

 aren't these AWESOME!!


OMG, how did you know that 6X6 paper packs are my FAVORITE!!!

OMG, look at all this AWESOME RIBBON!!


OMG, this is just AMAZING!!!!

Look at my cool TUMBLER!!! :-)
Jackie, I can't even THANK YOU ENOUGH for all my really cool stuff! I am so thrilled to have made such an awesome new "FRIEND" 

Now on to Leslie's Blog

Here is the entire list in case you get lost!
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Corinne Jones
Leslie Krochta
Aeryn Reitmeyer
Tina Keller
Laura Boyd
Kellie Green
Celina Mathews
Cindy Close
Michelle Shirley
Kym Yeoman
Kelly Smith
Christina Wernstrum
Irene Sherman
Jessica Bedola
Suzi McKenzie
Kathy Gillion
Jackie Randolph
Sharman Deluca
Robin Bogle
Lisa Nelson
Rio Ford
Kelly Millett