Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Raven, Simply Betty Stamps

Good afternoon.... Got a card finished up today and thought I would share it with you.. She is from my FAVORITE set of Stamps from Simply Betty Stamps called Burtonweenies.
This is RAVEN.... Both of them are the EXACT same Raven... I just removed her glasses and piercings.. Yes it makes a HUGE difference I like this kind of thing / love seeing the difference in things... myabe it is because I am a "TWIN" don't know but ...

W10,8,6,4 = hair on right
E000, 00,01,11, BV20 = flesh
E49,47,44,42 = hair on left
V12, 15, 17 = shirt on left
W8, 6, 4= shirt on right
Butterfly is a memory box die
Hope you like her